What reason not to write, save for time?

Its a bit like sending a postcard.


History’s marked by shifts. Typically progress involves some degree of dramatic exposition. Often contained or housed by the agent of said shift.

Landscape provides agency; the stage upon which progress plays out.

The stage, albeit built, is perhaps not architecture. The stage does not provide shelter per say, but on the contrary produces exposure. Architecture, better understood as sited adjacent to the stage, is contained by the theater. Through this positioning, architecture renders the stage able to fulfill its functional role as landscape.


Theatricality aside, my attempts to characterize and articulate the confluence of these two institutions, landscape and architecture, bring us back to the task at hand: to the world of cultural landscapes.

We began here, in the school around the table, and perhaps this is a call to shift the attention back to that very landscape we are so much a part of. Shifting modes of subjectivity could render us productive again and this space sufficiently resuscitated – for whatever its new life may come to be. While maintaining the lens we established last semester, maybe this shift could allow us to more easily address the idea of a cultural landscape in a way more immediately accessible to our everyday, participation becoming less of a labor more of an inquiry.


PennDesign has felt a shift in the last month. The ground did not shake, but it’s moved me to attempt a characterization of that process, before it gets too far away, becoming other than now. Things here are changing; changing, in small ways but perhaps with big implications. These changes are effective of our perceptual selves, in what was and what could be tomorrow. We become the active agents that shape the evolution of these perceptions through taking note, exercising response and opening conversation.

In subsequent posts, as time permits, I’m hopeful to document and distinguish what is and has been happening here, in this immediate cultural landscape, at PennDesign, seeing our place as a measure for action, and a ripe case-study of the present.



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